Palert Earthquake Monitoring

Asset and System Protection

Prevent damage and mitigate risk by providing warning and shutting down vital systems before an earthquake strikes

The cost effective Palert seismic sensor can be used in critical industrial environments integrated with existing control systems to prevent equipment or facilities damage caused by an earthquake.

This is achieved by partial or full shut down of critical equipment before the earthquake shock waves arrive.   The Palert seismic switch can be set to trigger two different switches at the desired shock intensity.

The same switch can be used in a network to activate alarms and evacuate personnel before earthquake arrival, prompting them to vacate a high-risk area plus unlocking exit doors, switching emergency lights, etc.



Structural Health Monitoring

Save time and money by ascertaining the safety of a building immediately after an earthquake

The installation of the cost effective Palert+ seismic sensor system in RSHD format at strategic locations of a building or structure enables the monitoring of performance of key  elements during and following an earthquake.  The system can instantly let staff, visitors and engineers know how likely there is to be structural damage ensuring their safety.

This is accomplished by a comparative analysis of the before and after resonant-frequency-profiles and rigidity to ascertain the possibility of structural damage. With just 3 units in a building, the system can provide accurate analysis of structural health.

Further structural modelling using Palert data will allow engineers to quickly establish a detailed picture of the impact that a seismic event might have had on a given building or structure.



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